Professional Experience

A PDF file of Larae’s CV can be found by clicking this link.

Larae has been a journalist since 2000, when she was hired while still a journalism student as a television news reporter for KDBC-TV CBS in El Paso, Texas. By her final year there, she achieved the city beat and filled in as a weekend anchor/announcer. She regularly covered hard news but also devoted time to features that delved deeper into society and culture. You can view her resume tape (2002) from that experience below, or scroll down for more information on her professional background.

Larae Malooly’s Demo Reel from KDBC CBS 4 News from Larae Malooly on Vimeo.

Three years later, she established a freelance writing business that snowballed into writing a variety of pieces for several newspapers and magazines in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. For the Las Cruces Sun News, she reviewed theatre and was a regular contributor to the music section of The Tucscon Weekly. Business along the border, economic trends, culture, and the arts were regular topics when writing for What’s Up El Paso and El Paso, Inc.

After obtaining an MSc in International Relations/Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, Larae enjoys combining her experience as a journalist and broadcaster with her abilities to offer research and analysis on topics ranging from politics to social trends.

With more than a decade in journalism, pressure and deadlines flow in and out about as naturally as breath. What comes most naturally, as a reporter, is the process of interviewing. They aren’t interviews. They are conversations. In other words, engaging with someone armed with well-researched questions is the best way to reveal the essence of the topic and their most candid take on it.

As an editor, Larae takes pride in helping other writers find their voice. But she also does scholarly editing for students, professors, non-governmental organizations, and businesses at all levels–basic grammar, form, and content–with native English speaker precision. Her mother’s nitpicking over her English homework has finally paid off.

Her last public relations project was assistance with organizing and promoting Desert Generation, a joint exhibition of Israeli and Palestinian artists who oppose the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and call for its immediate end. The exhibition showcased in Amsterdam, comprised of more than 700 images based on paintings, drawings and photographs. “Desert Generation in Amsterdam” is organized by NextStep/Een Ander Joods Geluid and United Civilians for Peace, in collaboration with Meneer de Wit and Noa Roei from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.