Journalistic Writing

Whether it is a complex political issue or a feature on fine arts, Larae has been freelance writing for magazines, newspapers, online publications, and blogs in the United States and Europe since 2002. This includes:

  • news gathering in the form of first-person interviews, attending press conferences, and researching facts using only credible sources
  • writing hard news, features, investigative reports, in-depth pieces on trends and patterns, profiles, and music, theater, and restaurant reviews
  • original, high-quality photography
  • ensuring the highest level of accuracy and objectivity for a well-informed and interesting article suited to your readership


Editing books, reports, website content, brochures, and other materials gives your copy the style and flow of a native English speaker. Find an example of my work doing both extensive editing and copy editing for an NGO here. Editing services are available at several levels:

  • Proofreading for basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar validates your copy and ensures it is published without the errors that can compromise your written material’s professionalism and reliability.
  • Copy editing is another level of editing that molds your copy to your organization’s own style and terminology. This checks for proper usage, spelling, capitalization, consistency, and accuracy. Copy editing also includes checking exact quotations, headers, footers, bibliographic references, and ensuring citations and hyperlinks actually lead to the right place in the copy.
  • Finally, extensive editing keeps your readers in mind, working out the concepts with the author, and creating logical and organized work that uses active voice and the clever nuances of language. This requires more writing on Larae’s part, sometimes rearranging the order of the material, writing new transitions, introductions, summaries, and conclusions.

Public Relations

Journalism and public relations go hand in hand. Contract Larae’s services when you need to:

  • develop, coordinate, and plan international PR events and activities
  • manage inbound and outbound communication
  • write and distribute effective press releases to key contacts
  • issue interesting articles and press releases about your remarkable cause, mission, trend, or product over multiple platforms
  • maintain a blog and establish your organization’s online presence within social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Creative and Copy Writing

As a humorist at heart, writing is about having fun and playing the computer keyboard as if a pianist on a Steinway. Since she’s not getting into Carnegie Hall or the Royal Albert Hall anytime soon, Larae will instead help you:

  • develop creative ideas and concepts
  • present ideas to colleagues and clients
  • write clear, persuasive, original copy
  • update digital media with dynamic, timely content