Writing and Editing Samples

Currently based in Europe, Larae works for universities, news media and non-governmental organizations worldwide. Here is a variety of online writing samples from various publications in the United States and Europe:


History/News: NATO Headquarters Declassified, The Holland Times, December 2013

Science: Mussel bed restoration in the Dutch Waddenzee, The Holland Times, September 2010

News: Burqa ban stirs Europe-wide debate, The Holland Times, May 2010

News: The Risks of Reporting, a report on press freedom and safety, Part I and Part II, The Holland Times, April 2010 (note: please give these large PDFs time to load)

News: Student Protesters Demand Financial Support, The Holland Times, March 2010

Music: Touch o’ the Irish, Punk Style, Tucscon Weekly

News: How Press Free Are We? Amsterdam Weekly

Travel Blogging: Don’t Mess with Monks in Myanmar, Roadjunky

Theater Review: Denk Has it Down to a Science, Las Cruces Sun News

Society and Technology: Addiction, Thy Name is Friendster, Tuscon Weekly

Music: Zeerok, No Slave to the Ridiculous, What’s Up El Paso

Literary Review: Marian Haddad (scroll down the page)


Politics and Economics: “Dutch Economic Links in Support of the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian and/or Syrian Territories,” a report edited for Dutch NGO United Civilians for Peace. Extensive editing was applied to the report summary, and copy editing was applied throughout the document and bibliography.